Frequently Asked Questions:


Are there motels or campgrounds available Friday night, July 28th or Saturday night, August 5th?


Unfortunately Prairie du Chien will be hosting several music festivals this summer.  Because of this, motel rooms will be nearly impossible to get during the two weekends that we are there.  Our Prairie du Chien landing chairman has put together some information on potential campgrounds in the area.  You can find that information by clicking here.




If I rent a canoe or kayak from the Rumble, do I have to pay the trailer shuttle fee?


No.  The trailer shuttle fee is included in the cost of the rental.




If I sign up for less than the full seven days, how will I get back to my vehicle?


You are responsible for making your own arrangements for getting to your point of origin.  The Rumble does not offer any shuttle service, or any arrangements of any type that would help you get back to your car after the trip has begun.  You are encouraged to participate for the entire week, and leave your car at the designated location. Please do not call to ask for “Special Arrangements”.  You are on your own with this one.




Are meals included in the fees?


No, the fee covers items like insurance, campground rental, showers, and porta-pots.



Are the people running the Rumble paid?


No, everyone you come in contact with do their work gratis, out of love for this trip.




What kind of luggage is okay?


Normal duffel bags or packs are okay. Please limit the weight of any given pack to 50 lbs.




How are lunches handled?


Everyone makes their own arrangements, usually by packing a sandwich. Although breakfast and dinner are in towns, with food either catered or close by, lunch can be on a sandbar, or may be on shore but far from any restaurant.




I sent in my money and haven’t heard anything back.  Did you get my check?


If you have included an e-mail address in your registration, you will receive notification that your check has been received.  Everyone that has registered will receive more information via U.S. Mail in early July.




Am I allowed to build a fire in the camping area?


The short answer is no.  Because we are usually not in a “normal” campground, we normally do not have the ability to build a fire on the grass in the local park.  Another consideration is that the space availability in the camping area will put the tents fairly close together, which will not allow room for a fire.





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