ALWAYS WEAR A LIFE VEST! preserv.gif (658 bytes)

Each participant will be required to follow all reasonable instructions given to them by the group leaders in the interest of safety. Failure to do so will result in the removal of the violator, with no refund of the registration fees.

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There will be power boat safety support on the river. The pace of the group will be set by a designated "lead canoe". There will be no passing of this "lead canoe" for any reason. There is also a sweep canoe bringing up the rear. Stay ahead of the sweep canoe. Violators of these safety rules will be asked to leave the group, with no refund of their registration fee.

Skill Level:
This trip averages 20 miles a day. The current is negligle, so this is not a float trip. We paddle at a steady pace, with breaks at reasonable intervals. To judge your readiness, try paddling 10 miles or so somewhere close to home.